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Transforming Work is an innovative, liberating resource for Christians in the workplace - whether you've been working for one year or forty years - offering a distinctive blend of ingredients. It brings together a group of like-hearted people for eight sessions over a year, creating space between gatherings to reflect, to try things out, and to pray... and leaving time for seeds to grow, discoveries to be made, change to happen and for God to do what only he can do.

What is Transforming Work?

Transforming Work is like no other workplace programme in its depth, practicality and application. It recognises that growing in authentic Christian discipleship takes time, and is based across eight sessions which are spread over the course of a year.

The sessions cover the following key questions:

Why does work matter?
How can I do good work?
How can I flourish at work?
How can I influence the culture of my workplace?
How can I improve relationships at work?
How can I share my faith at work?
How can I tackle workplace issues with Biblical principles?
How can I remain fruitful over the long-term?

Each session includes:

Core-content films on vital workplace issues
Reading the Bible with workers' eyes
Developing skills
Lively conversation
Good humour

The Leaders’ Pack (£15 from the LICC webshop) contains all the materials needed for the eight group sessions, while participants can access all the content they need between sessions by unlocking the Transforming Work app for iOS/Android platforms.

Order Leader's Pack - £15

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Running a Transforming Work group

You only need three things to start your Transforming Work experience.

The App

Everyone needs a copy of the Transforming Work app. It's packed full of materials to help participants dig deeper and prepare for next session. The app is free to download, including a number of inspiring films, while the remaining content can be unlocked for £4.99 in app.

Download App

Leader's Pack & DVD

The Leader's Pack contains all the materials you need to lead a Transforming Work group, including session guides, agendas, exercises and handouts, leaders' training content and a DVD with over 3 hours of films. The Leader's Pack is available for £15 from the LICC webshop.

Order Leader's Pack

Your Group

You'll need a group of up to 12 people. We've provided some materials in the Leader's Pack to help you gather your group. A great place to start is to encourage people to download the app and sample the free content.

Additional Leader's Resources

About the app

"The app's a great idea - it means everything I need between sessions is all in one place."
Sarah-Jane, Teacher

FREE to download

Free app contains sample content including 4 films and a digital copy of Mark Greene's, The Great Divide. Additional content can be unlocked for £4.99 in app

Videos, Exercises & Podcasts

Bible study podcasts are built-in, while video content can be streamed or downloaded for offline viewing. Exercises can be completed in-app, then emailed for printing or safe-keeping.

Going Deeper Material

Packed full of materials to help you go deeper, explore wider and grow as confident, fruitful disciples on your frontline, in your workplace.

Helpful Standalone Content

Even if you’re not involved with a Transforming Work group you can still benefit from the app – it gives you inspiring personal stories, practical insights and biblical wisdom for the workplace right in the palm of your hand.

Download App

If you don't have an iPhone or Android device there is a web-based version of the Transforming Work app.


Getting started

Some useful resources to help you create and support your Transforming Work group

Downloadable Promo Video

Download a copy of our promotional video to introduce Transforming Work to your church.


Church Leader's Commendation

Dave, a Church Leader in Scotland, explains the impact that Transforming Work has had on himself and his congregation.


Group Leader's Commendation

Tim led a Transforming Work group at his church and shares about his experience.


Editable A4 Poster

Download an editable poster to promote your Transforming Work group.


Editable A5 Flyer

Download an editable flyer which you can use to recruit your Transforming Work group.


Web / Newsletter Advert

Download this banner to use either on your church website, email list or in a church newsletter.


Other LICC resources

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Workplace Sunday

By celebrating God's gift of work and supporting working people when we gather on a Sunday we recognise our work as worship: every day becomes God's day, and our daily work is seen as a vital part of God's big mission. Make use of these practical resources and encourage your church to run a termly Workplace Sunday.

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