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Growing in Fruitfulness - The Dream

We have a dream that every Christian would go out into their bit of God's world confident that God can work through them, confident that Jesus is good news for the people they meet, good news for the things they do, good news for the organisations they engage in ... discipled by the church, supported in wisdom and prayer, honoured and celebrated for their service for the King, where they are ...


It's a dream shared with many Christians, churches and organisations and one which we're beginning to see turn into reality. Still it's one thing to hear stories of a few people, even a lot of people, who are living differently day by day for Christ. It's quite another to hope that the Church as a whole might empower people for daily living out on the frontlines of the land.

The Journey

This is a lifetime's journey of whole-life discipleship. And like many journeys, it's helpful to know how to get started, what resources are available, and where to discover further help along the way.

To help navigate through LICC's resources for such a journey, we've produced a hyperlinked map showing a variety of pathways you could explore. You'll see that we think some resources are particularly significant and many paths lead in and out of them. Some have been produced with church leaders in mind. There's a rich variety of formats - film clips, courses, books, speakers. All are focused on the frontline in a variety of ways. The hyperlinks enable you to access the particular resource easily.

  • Getting started - short extracts, articles, clips to explore this vision for whole-life discipleship and its significance for mission into the nation.
  • Living it out - some core resources for people and churches.
  • Exploring further - a whole variety of options for going further, whether exploring the workplace in more depth, prayer, Bible, culture.

Click here for the hyperlinked journey resource map.


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