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Engaging with Culture


Culture; it's a surprisingly small word for such a big concept. It encompasses the usual suspects, of course - the art we create, the music we make, the books we write, the magazines we read, the buildings we construct and the technology we develop. And here at LICC we are working to understand all these things through the lens of a biblical worldview. But culture also includes so much more besides. Read our full introduction to engaging with culture or watch the introductory video.

Theology of Culture

Why should Christians bother with culture at all? What is the place of culture in the purposes of God? Visit our Theology of Culture pages to find articles and resources to enhance your biblical understanding of culture and to equip you to engage fruitfully in the culture where God has placed you. Go to Theology of Culture more..

Connecting with Culture

By no means the last word on contemporary culture, but often some of the first words addressing a different aspect of it from a biblical perspective. 'Connecting with Culture' is LICC's acclaimed weekly email service, delivering thoughtful reflection on timely issues. Go to Connecting with Culture


LICC runs a programme of occasional culture events. Led either by a member of LICC Faculty, or by guest specialists, these events provide a stimulating and interactive forum for exploring aspects of the theology of culture and of Christian engagement with it. Go to Events


If you're looking for resources relating to the theology of culture and Christian cultural engagement, you can browse our ever-growing online resource library. Go to Resources


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