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We believe that the UK will only be reached as we begin to cultivate open, authentic, learning and praying communities that are focussed on making whole-life disciples who live and share the gospel wherever they relate to people in their daily lives.

Imagine if these communities were our churches.
Imagine if we were these whole-life disciples.
Imagine it happening in your place.

We believe that these church communities can be formed.
We believe that is happening.

But we know that this will not happen by good intention or hopefulness alone. From our work on the initial Imagine Project to our ongoing work with churches, we are convinced that to the move towards becoming a whole-life disciplemaking begins when certain intentional steps are taken. Read more on the Big Picture.

Imagine Signposts

Some suggested key shifts in perspective and indicators to highlight the changes occurring.

Imagine Steps

More than good intentions or vague hopes - Imagine is about knowing which actions to take and when, making hopes of whole-life disciplemaking churches become reality.


We have a wealth of resources from DVDs, to books, to events.

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