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Friends of LICC support us with a monthly, quarterly or yearly gift to sustain and develop our work. We greatly value this and keep in touch through quarterly postal updates, magazines and resources to help them make a difference where they are.

Valuable support for the work of LICC

LICC is having a growing impact with individuals, churches, denominations and theological colleges. Without the regular support of our Friends, LICC could not develop its work of equipping Christians to be confident 'whole-life' disciples in today's world, and enabling local churches become whole-life disciple-making communities.

For a monthly donation of £10 (or quarterly/yearly equivalent) you can become a Friend of LICC.

To keep in touch we'll send you

  • a quarterly magazine
  • Regular email updates
  • as well as bi-weekly email resources
  • Friends Joining Form'The Radical Disciple' by John Stott 'Imagine how we can reach the UK' by Mark Greene, as an introduction to the challenge of mission and discipleship in the UK today.
  • Examples of booklet or CD resources that our Friends received are: 'A biblical perspective on being human' - chapter from John Wyatt's book; 'Matters of Life & Death'; 'The White Swan Formula' - response to the credit crunch by James Featherby; 'How Christians can bring about a Social Revolution: the Relational Agenda' - a Michael Schluter talk at LICC

Please join us in equipping Christians and churches to make all the difference in the world.

Friends Joining Form


Friend Joining Form

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Friends Joining Form


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