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WorkForum: Recommended Reading

February 8, 2013
08 Feb 2013


Getting Started

Thank God it’s Monday – Ministry in the Workplace, by Mark Greene, SU, 2001

A popular, introductory level book full of fun stories and lively illustrations.


Working It Out – God, You and the Work You Do, by Ian Coffey, IVP, 2008

A vibrant picture of work as part of God’s good plan for the world.


God at Work, by Ken Costa, Continuum, 2007

A helpful introductory book from highly experienced senior city banker and chairman of Alpha.


Working without Wilting – Starting Well to Finish Strong, by Jago Wynne, IVP, 2009

An exploration of the challenges and opportunities of serving God in the different seasons of working life.


Digging Deeper

Every Good Endeavour – Connecting Your Work to God’s Plan for the World, by Tim Keller, Hodder and Stoughton, 2012

A brand new treatment of work, rooted in scripture and littered with real-life examples.


The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work, by Darrell Cosden, Baker, 2006

A strong theological basis for the creation purpose and lasting significance of our work.


The Abolition of the Laity, by R Paul Stevens, Paternoster Press, 1999

A stimulating theological and historical case for ‘A people without laity and clergy’.


Doing God’s Business, by R Paul Stevens, Eerdmans, 2006

An exploration of the potential of business for fruitful Christian life.


For Small Groups

Life on the Frontline, by LICC, 2012

A six-week course to equip whole-life disciples, wherever they spend their week.


God at Work, Ken Costa, Continuum, 2007

Six introductory level sessions with an easy to use guide available via www.godatwork.org.uk


Christian Life & Work, by Mark Greene, LBC, 2000

A six-part film with leader’s guide including creative Bible reading, group exercises and a wide range of real-life stories. Dated haircuts, but timeless content!


Where is God on Monday? Integrating Faith and Work Every Day of the Week, by A. MacKenzie and W. Kirkland, Navpress, 2003

Twelve short, readable chapters with insightful questions designed as discussion starters for small groups.


For Church Leaders

Imagine Church – Releasing Whole-Life Disciples, by Neil Hudson, IVP, 2012

A must-read for all church leaders wanting to equip their congregation for life on the frontline.


Supporting Christians at Work – without going insane, by Mark Greene, LICC, 2001

A concise guide for pastors setting the vision, theological foundations and practical ideas for creating a worker-friendly church without distorting the rest of the church’s work.


How the Church Fails Businesspeople (and what can be done about it), by John C. Knapp, Eerdmans, 2012

In addition to analyzing why he thinks the church has failed businesspeople, Knapp suggests a theological framework for Christian life in the workplace.


Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work, by Tom Nelson, Crossway, 2011

A readable and practical book from a church leader, with some ‘real life’ stories.


More Topic-based

Get a Life, by Paul Valler, IVP, 2008

An exploration of the pressures of modern working life showing how gaining a strong identity and clear purpose enables us to make winning choices.


The Relational Manager, by M. Schluter and D. J. Lee, Lion Hudson, 2009

A relational lens for looking at common management issues in the workplace.


Why Business Matters to God (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed), by Jeff Van Duzer, IVP, 2010

A very helpful exposition of the view that business is an essential sphere in the unfolding work of God in the world.


Insight into Stress, by Beverley Shepherd, CWR, 2006

A basic understanding of stress and how it arises and a challenge to confront the deeper issues that stress presents in order to discover how God wants us to live.



Journal of Faith in Business, based in Ridley Hall Cambridge

The Centre for Faith and Work, New York

Theologyofwork.org: Papers on every book of the Bible through the lens of work

Transform Work UK: Good info on work groups, lunchtime talks, events and resources

Developing a Ministry Plan – Document

June 7, 2011
07 Jun 2011

This questionnaire by Mark Greene helps you to develop a ministry plan for a particular person on your frontline – looking at who they are, how you could serve them, what steps you’re going to take and getting the support you need.

Download the PDF for Developing a Ministry Plan

Missionary Profile Handout – Document

November 7, 2010
07 Nov 2010

A questionnaire for small groups to use, developing a missionary profile for each person in their work context.


Click to view the PDF Missionary Profile handout.

Q5 Prayer Handout – Document

April 5, 2010
05 Apr 2010

The Q5 handout asks five questions about how to pray for a person in their weekly context.


Click to view the PDF Q5 Prayer handout.