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Join Us on a Prayer Journey

Life isn’t always easy. At times we all face tough choices, pressures in relationships and demands on our time.

Taking time to wait for anything, even on God, feels like a luxury – and it can be hard to pause and pray. So we need fresh ways of praying in and for the everyday situations we find ourselves in.

Our 40-day prayer journeys give you a quick and easy way to begin. We’ll send you daily prompts to spark your imagination, encouraging you to pray – however briefly – with renewed energy, creativity and faith that God’s purposes will be worked out in your life.

The journeys also offer encouragement and solidarity, as you’ll be part of a virtual community of thousands of other Christians around the world, receiving the exact same prayer prompts as they face their own set of challenges and opportunities.

You can join one of our journeys through YouVersion – the Bible app, or sign up for email prompts through us. We pray that you’ll experience a renewed awareness of God’s presence and activity in your everyday life.

Sign Up to a Prayer Journey

  • Wisdom for Life Prayer Journey:
    YouVersion | Email
    We all need godly wisdom for work and life but how do we get it? This prayer journey guides us to grow in the wisdom that transforms our work, relationships, and lives.
  • Trusting God Prayer Journey:
    Trust is the basis of our relationship with God yet learning to fully rely on him can be difficult. This prayer journey guides us in how to grow our trust, even when faced with difficulties and loss.
  • Whole Life Worship Prayer Journey:
    YouVersion | Email

    We long to follow Christ in every area of our lives, and this journey reflects on how Christ can be glorified in our gathered worship, together and our scattered, daily worship, wherever we are Monday to Saturday. Find out more.
  • Fit for Life, A Prayer Journey for Workers:
    YouVersion | Email

    We wouldn’t expect to get physically fit without putting in some work and the same goes for getting spiritually fit – so this journey encourages us in our own spiritual growth and vitality. Find out more.
  • Pray for Life Prayer Journey:
    YouVersion |
    It can be hard to know where to begin when praying for people to know God for themselves, so this journey guides us in how to pray for our friends and colleagues to become spiritually alive. Find out more.