Imagine fruitfulness on your frontline

We all have a life on the frontline in the world that’s significant to God. But can we see how God has been working in and through us? Can we imagine what work God might do in and through us on our daily frontlines?

These two new resources from Mark Greene have been created for disciples who want to make a difference where they are day by day. The book is a companion to the DVD course, Life on the Frontline, as well as to this second DVD course in the series, Fruitfulness on the Frontline. These pages will give you all need to know about the resources, plus access to a whole bagful of supporting material.

And if you’d like to discover how they fit into a journey of growing fruitfulness for yourself and your church, take a look at the journey map below.

Growing in Fruitfulness - A Journey Map

Where to start? How to continue? Click through to an interactive map that will help you find and access resources for groups, churches and people on the frontline.

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The Book

'As I turned each page, something in the deepest part of me knew that this is what I'm called to be - this is what we're all called to be. Fruitful! And it felt possible. Attainable. Essential - for me and for God's world. So, with open hearts, read it. With God's help, be it. With eyes full of wonder and gratitude, see it.' - Matt Summerfield, Executive Director Urban Saints

Daily life may never be quite the same.

In this horizon-expanding, spirit-lifting, heart-warming book, Mark Greene serves up a liberating view of how God can and does work in and through us in our daily lives. Whether you're a student or retired, at the gym or at work, at the school gate or in the supermarket, here is a fresh and original framework for fruitfulness.

Brimming with real-life stories, the combination of fresh biblical insight, humour and practical steps will not only spark your imagination; it will enrich your sense of wonder at the greatness and grace of the God who not only gave his life for us, but invites us to join him in his glorious, transforming work.

And who helps us as we do.

This book sits as a companion resource to both the Life on the Frontline DVD and the Fruitfulness on the Frontline DVD.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Mark’s book offers us a beautiful revolution – what if all of us recognized our equality of calling, that God intends for all of us to be his missionaries right where we are: pastry-chef, plumber or party-planner?

Rachel Gardner

Will help you start to celebrate where you are already bearing kingdom fruit, as well as gently encouraging you to look for new opportunities to share the Jesus-life on your frontline.

Chloe Lynch

A fantastic book ... Mark, like the great Old Testament prophets, is urging us with both wit and wisdom to get the church out of the buildings and into the world God loves.

Mike Pilavachi

A rich feast of God-honouring, culture-changing, life-enhancing possibilities in which the ordinary can become important and the mundane magnificent.

His Honour Judge David Turner QC


How can we be fruitful on our frontlines? How can we show and share Christ’s wisdom and love with the people we meet out in the places we usually find ourselves – at the shops or in the gym, at work or at the school gate? This liberating resource offers a fresh, simple framework for discovering a rich variety of ways in which God may work in us and through us right where we are.

  • The Big Picture
  • Modelling Godly Character
  • Making Good Work
  • Ministering Grace & Love
  • Moulding Culture
  • Mouthpiece for Truth & Justice
  • Messenger of the Gospel
  • The Journey On

Each session includes an 8-13 minute film, a Bible study, discussion questions and a takeaway action to help connect the theme to your frontline. Shot both on location and in a studio, and accompanied by quirky animations, the films explore six dimensions of fruitfulness through biblical lenses and real-life stories.

The session format is flexible – it’s designed for approximately 75 mins, but can easily be adapted to suit your context. Download the Discussion Guide below and check out the supporting material including ‘Fruitfulness Prayer Cards’ for the group.

The promotional video is ideal to use in a service or to start to engage your group with the material and themes.

Supporting Resources

Using the DVD

Combining biblical teaching and inspiring real-life stories these 8 sessions will help you and your group see how you can make a difference on your frontlines and support one another along the way.

Session 1: The Big Picture
To start, we explore the big picture of what being fruitful for God might look like and how we might already be fruitful in our daily contexts.

Session 2: Modelling Godly Character
On our frontline godly character is both developed and displayed. How do we model the fruits of the Spirit where we are day-by-day?

Session 3: Making Good Work
There is dignity and value in the everyday tasks that we do. What would it mean if we saw how our tasks and work can be done with and for God?

Session 4: Minstering Grace and Love
In the light of the grace that God has shown to us, how might we minister grace and love to those we interact with on our frontlines?

Session 5: Moulding Culture
What can we affirm about the way we 'do life round here'? How can we influence the culture on our frontlines so people flourish more?

Session 6: Being a Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice
How might we become champions of right living and fair dealing on our frontlines and courageous enough to speak up when necessary?

Session 7: Being a Messenger of the Gospel
How might we grow in confidence in talking about Jesus with people on our frontlines? Can we see pathways for sharing the Gospel where we are?

Session 8: The Journey On
How has this journey helped us see our frontlines, ourselves and God with fresh eyes? How will we continue to grow in fruitfulness.

Home groups made up of working people

If you are part of a small group that is made up entirely of working people, you will have the opportunity for deeper conversations about serving God on the workplace frontline. The majority of the true stories featured on the DVD are set in a workplace context, so the discussion questions and Bible studies in the guide are directly relevant. Although sessions 1 and 4 feature stories from a non-workplace frontline (a retiree and a full-time mother) the key concepts can be easily translated for a workplace environment. You might like to explore our bank of real-life workplace stories and other WorkForum resources to further fuel these discussions.

Half-hour groups held in the workplace

The discussion guide that accompanies the Fruitfulness on the Frontline small group DVD contains questions for a 75-minute session. To use these in shorter sessions (such as lunch breaks), you could show the 10 minute film and then use a few of the discussion questions. You could then continue with the same session the following week moving on to use the Bible study section of the guide.

If you would like a WorkForum Associate to come and launch the series with your group, please get in touch using our online form. We hope this resource is a great blessing to your group. If you have any feedback or stories of fruitfulness that you would like to share, we would love you to email us at


Many churches coordinate their Sunday preaching programme with their small group activities during the week. It helps keep the congregation together on a biblical book or topic. It provides opportunities for teaching to be reinforced, and for its frontline implications to be explored further in discussion with others.

For those who would like to use LICC’s Fruitfulness on the Frontline material this way, Antony Billington and Neil Hudson have provided an outline and some notes for three possible sermon series to accompany the course.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Notes and reflections for a sermon series on the main biblical passages used in the Fruitfulness on the Frontline DVD and Course Guide.

Download Notes

Fruitfulness at Colossae

Notes and reflections for a sermon series on passages from Colossians.

Download Notes

Fruitfulness in the Bible

Notes and reflections for a sermon series on passages exploring the theme of fruitfulness in the big story of Scripture.

Download Notes

And if you’d like to explore how the Fruitfulness on the Frontline resources connect with whole-life discipleship in church life, take a look at our interactive journey map. Or browse the Imagine Church area of our website.

Life on the Frontline - DVD

The first in the Frontline DVD series, this six-session resource presented by Neil Hudson introduces the idea of ‘frontline’.

We may be old or young; healthy or infirm; rich or poor; employed or not. We may be busy or bored; optimistic or pessimistic; radically cutting edge or relatively retro. Whoever we are, as Christians, we have at least one thing in common: we each have a Frontline.

It's the place where we spend much of our time, where we meet people who don't know Jesus; the place where God has called us, the place of possibility and potential.

Watch the video and meet Anne, then...find out more.

Learn More

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Growing in Fruitfulness - A Journey Map

Where to start? How to continue? Click through to an interactive map that will help you find and access resources for groups, churches and people on the frontline.

Explore the Journey