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John Stott

Here was a godly man indeed. And a friend to hundreds of thousands of people - through gracious word spoken eye to eye, through gracious word spoken from platforms, and through gracious word written in many books. But, in whatever context, John's words were clean with a joyous clarity, crafted in prayer, and offered back to the Spirit who shaped them for His purposes - for the honour of Jesus' name and the glory of the Father. Read more.


Read tributes about John Stott reflecting on his life and works. These contributions come from Mark Greene, former Chief Executives and members of LICC staff and board members.


Read more about John Stott's life. You can also download our obituary of John Stott.

Remembrance Book

What are your personal memories of John and his impact? Visit the Remembrance Book to read what others have said and contribute your memories.


Access interviews, articles and books both by and about John Stott.

John Stott Memorial Website

In his long and distinguished life, John founded just two organisations, the Langham Partnership and LICC. Our friends at Langham Partnership have created a fitting tribute to John. The Langham Partnership Tribute includes a full biography, video clips, photos and explores his writings, articles and recordings.


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