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Whole-life Mission

Last year, 4000 delegates met for the Third Lausanne Congress for World Evangelization. Mark Greene thinks it might lead to a significant breakthrough in global mission strategy and the equipping of God’s people for fruitful holistic mission together in all of their life.

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Mission World – One More Wall To Go?

In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down and the world changed. 15 years earlier, in 1974, a different wall came down, and evangelical mission strategy and a huge number of local churches changed radically, and have never been the same since.

And it was a biblical conviction that brought the wall down. Ideas change the world.

Download Mission World – One More World to Go? for Mark's reflections on how the Lausanne movement might extend their life-transforming biblical insights into the way churches disciple their people for everyday mission where they already are.

LICC's Response

LICC is seeking to equip Christians and churches for whole-life discipleship in the world through different streams of activity.

The Great Divide

An exploration of the stifling, pervasive, life-denying impact of the sacred-secular divide on Christian mission and living and some pathways forward to overcome it.

The Imagine Project

Helping Christians and their churches to grow as open, authentic, learning and praying communities that are focused on making whole-life disciples who live and share the gospel wherever they relate to people in their daily lives.

Disciples at Work

Perspectives and resources for Christians in the workplace. The workplace is just one context for holistic mission and it certainly should not be competing with any other context. However, the paid workplace is where Christians in work spend over 40% of their waking lives, have more relationships with non-believers than anywhere else, and have more opportunity to influence the primary drivers of our society than perhaps any other place.

Whole Life Whole Bible

LICC's vision and hope for churches and individuals is that the whole people of God might engage with the whole word of God in a way that touches and transforms the whole of our lives, individually and together, for the sake of the world in which we are called to live.

Follow these links for resources on Engaging with the Bible and Engaging with Culture.


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