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Executive Toolbox

Executive Toolbox is a programme for Christian workplace leaders, which is uniquely structured to help you have a significant impact on the way you work, the people you work with and the organisations you work in. Booking open for Edinburgh; booking for London has now closed for 2017.


Join a cohort of just 36 people for a 6-month programme based around three 24-hour workshops led by an experienced training team. Designed for Christians in mid to senior levels of influence, Executive Toolbox combines teaching with case studies, worship, prayer, and accountability triplets. You will develop biblical foundations, skills and spiritual practices to envision and equip you to engage fruitfully with your work itself, your relationships at work, and the organisation you work in. This is core to LICC's mission, and we're enormously excited about the opportunity to invest in a group of key individuals.

The London programme will be held at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine Conference Centre, London E14. All the modules run from 6pm until 6pm the following day (don't worry, we don't work through the night!). The dates for the course in 2017 are:

Friday 3 - Saturday 4 February

Friday 17 - Saturday 18 March

Friday 23 - Saturday 24 June

Bookings have now closed for the London course - but hurry, Edinburgh is still open for a few more days - see below!

NEW for 2017

Executive Toolbox will also run in Scotland in 2017. Based at the historic Carberry Tower just outside of Edinburgh, this version will include all of the key elements of the London course, but with a more local emphasis brought by speakers from Scottish industry and public services.

The dates for Executive Toolbox Scotland 2017 are:

Friday 3 - Saturday 4 March

Friday 19 - Saturday 20 May

Friday 29 - Saturday 30 September

Please use the ‘Book Now’ button above, selecting 'Edinburgh' in the location box and we will be in touch. The cost and booking terms are otherwise the same as for London.

Who Will Benefit?

This is a course designed for women and men in mid to senior level executive roles working mainly with non-Christians, in organisations where their roles and responsibilities offer them growing influence.

A typical cohort includes business owners and leaders, managers and directors, head teachers, heads of department in public service and many others. And this doesn't exclude younger Executives. What's important is that you want to learn, grow in impact, share and receive wisdom and be more accountable for your calling to the workplace. You'll be aware of the 'sacred-secular divide' and its corrosive impact, convinced the workplace matters to God and that you're called there as a disciple. You'll no doubt have a biblical underpinning for this. You're on the alert to make a difference and indeed you already are. But you want more: biblical depth; exposure to a broader range of praxis; fellow travellers who share some of the same challenges and opportunities; input from a range of experts.

Click below for further details of the London Course. The programme will be similar in Edinburgh, but will include contributions from more local leaders.


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