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The Biblical Call for a Renewed Finance Industry


29th June 2020, 6:30pm - 8:30pm


LICC, St Peter’s Vere St, London W1G 0DQ

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In light of government advice in relation to Covid-19, we’ve decided to cancel this event. If you have already purchased tickets, you will receive a full refund.

Whilst we believe this is the right decision, it was not an easy one to make. We are exploring ways to reschedule this event, so please do watch this space!

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, you can email us at

How can Christians in finance be agents for justice in our industry and the global marketplace? How might we identify injustice and propose creative, leading solutions rooted in Biblical thought?

As Christians we’re called to exercise good government as part of our creation mandate. And as people who often set business and investment strategy, workers in the finance sector can exercise that good governance over wide areas of economic activity. We’re responsible for optimising shareholder returns, navigating unpredictable markets, setting budgets, and safeguarding value.

With so much power and resource, how can we reflect God’s image and respect human dignity? How can we fulfil our responsibility to shareholders while making provision for the poor, echoing God’s laws for Israel, as Boaz did in the book of Ruth?

In an industry known for fierce competition and ambitious goals, what does the meekness Jesus talks about in the Beatitudes look like? What would financial power with restraint look like? How do we wield power in a way that serves others?

Amanda will discuss these questions and more through teaching and discussion. She will draw from the Faith & Finance Leadership Course, which she developed for Wall Street peers at Redeemer Church in New York.
This event follows Andy Hartropp’s session on Championing Economic Justice in Your Workplace, as LICC’s series on faith and finance continues.

Amanda Wachsmuth Heavens is currently the EMEA Head of Special Projects/COO for Operational Risk at Morgan Stanley, with prior roles in both London and New York. She began her career as an Equity Derivatives trader in New York and has held past leadership roles at two hedge funds and a derivatives market making firm. Alongside degrees in Statistics, Mathematics, and English Literature, Amanda holds a Masters degree in Biblical Studies & Theology from Fuller Theology Seminary.