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Futureproofing Your Faith: Resilience Through Your 20s & 30s


14th May 2020, 7:00pm - 9:00pm


LICC, St Peter’s Vere St, London W1G 0DQ

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In light of government advice in relation to Covid-19, we’ve decided to cancel this event. If you have already purchased tickets, you will receive a full refund.

Whilst we believe this is the right decision, it was not an easy one to make. We are exploring ways to reschedule this event, so please do watch this space!

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What helps millennial Christians hold fast to Jesus? What helps them be joyously fruitful as well as resilient followers of Christ over the long haul?

Millennials in the UK have grown up as Western culture changes at breakneck speed. They face unprecedented opportunities, incredible pressures, and much uncertainty. 70% of those under thirty claim they have no religious belief of any sort. Mistrustful of authority and all institutions (including the church), few understand even the basic tenets of the Christian faith. 

And yet, research shows that for the minority with an active faith, it is central to their identity. So, as religion in Britain has moved from being ‘an obligation’ to a ‘lifestyle choice’, what helps Christian millennials in our culture hold fast to Jesus? What are we learning about growing a fruitful, resilient life with Christ in this context?  

Dr Ruth Perrin has worked amongst the millennial generation for twenty years. Over the last ten, she’s undertaken extensive research into what helps their faith thrive.  

If you want to explore how to futureproof your own faith through the first two decades of adult life, this event is for you. And if you love a millennial, minister to one, or disciple one, Ruth’s insights and her research findings will help you be a wiser friend, more skillful mentor, discerning parent, or confident leader to them.

Dr Ruth Perrin has been involved in young adult ministry since 2000, is an associate staff member at King’s Church Durham, Research Fellow at St John’s College and on the Faculty of WTC. She gained a PhD from the University of Durham published as The Bible Reading of Young Evangelicals (Wipf & Stock, 2017). Changing Shape: The Faith Journeys of Millennials (SCM, 2020) details her most recent research. As an experienced trainer and preacher, she has spoken in a diverse range of national and international settings, particularly focusing on Christian discipleship. She also blogs at