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Listening Well: Disability, Theology, and Life


Monday 19 October | 7:00pm

Online Event

Who are we listening to?

As we wrestle with life’s big questions of purpose and significance, do we miss the voices of those who have wisdom to offer and challenges to bring?

Amy Plender approaches this evening’s subject as a researcher into disability and as someone who has personal insight, having been a carer from a young age.

Both her research and her family’s experience highlight the vital importance of hearing the voices of people, as they and their supporters advocate for their own needs and rights. And, equally importantly, the value of ensuring that the able-bodied majority learn from them.

Amy will introduce us to the wisdom and experiences of people who have learnt about life through living with life-altering conditions – along with their friends and carers. She’ll guide us through what the Bible has to say about disability and caring for ourselves and others, gleaning the wisdom of theologians working in this area. And she’ll explore what churches can do to be accessible and welcoming places for all people.

Join us for an evening to wrestle with some of the big questions about identity, significance and purpose, and to look at them through the eyes of those with disabilities. What can the most powerful in our society learn from the lives of the so-called ‘weakest’?

Amy Plender is a recovering academic working as Senior Researcher at Eido Research, having worked formerly at the thinktank Theos. She has held positions in multiple non-profits, as well as in print journalism. Her research areas include disability, theological responses to suffering and mental health, liturgical practice, and interfaith dialogue.

Amy is passionate about making space for the marginalised to share their views and experiences, including those who feel left out by church contexts. She has lectured on her research in university and community-led settings, and her broadcast interviews include appearances on BBC Radio, Premier, and UCB Radio.