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Mental Health: Insight to Love Well


8th April 2019, 7:00pm - 9:00pm


St. Peter's Church, Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ

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Many of us have close friends, family, or church members with mental health challenges of varying severity, the data suggests. What insights will help us love them wisely and well?

According to the World Health Organisation, depression is a pervasive health issue, set to become the largest contributor to the economic burden of disease globally. Over half of GP consultations have a psychiatric component. One in four of the population will have a significant episode of psychiatric illness at some time in their life.

As parents, pastors, friends, and co-workers, we long to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer. As Christians, we recognise a responsibility to people who are often stigmatised or marginalised. And sometimes, we have our own thorny questions that we’re seeking answers to, such as:

  • How do we make sense of secular models for mental illness from a Christian perspective?
  • What is the role of sin in mental illness?
  • Is there an extra, spiritual dimension to treatment?

We’re delighted that Dr Nick Land will lead us through an evening to deepen our understanding of mental health within a biblical worldview, combined with his own extensive experience as a consultant psychiatrist. Nick is former medical director of a large mental health and learning disability trust and led a team of over 160 consultant psychiatrists serving about 2 million people. He was chair of the Christian Medical Fellowship for three years, is currently a member of General Synod, and speaks nationally and internationally on mental health within a biblical worldview.

Love is our goal as we serve those for whom we have responsibility or concern. Join us this evening, in person or by livestream, to gain richer insights on mental health from a biblical perspective and a seasoned practitioner, so that we might love those who suffer with greater wisdom and understanding.