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Zoom Workshop: The Many-Layered Riches of Ruth


Online Bible Day: Wed 7 October | 10:00am - 3:00pm

Online Bible Day: Sat 10 October | 10:00am - 3:00pm

Online Event

Ruth is a deceptively simple story about ‘ordinary’ people, set in a time of grief, untimely death, hunger, displacement, economic instability, and spiritual and societal decay. How might the godly respond?

A masterpiece of conciseness, the book of Ruth nevertheless brims with allusions that invite us to make connections back to the patriarchs and also forward to Samuel and David. Compellingly, many of the actions of the characters resist easy interpretation or rapid reduction to teaching points. Rather we are invited to engage imaginatively, prayerfully, patiently in the unfolding drama, to put ourselves in the story.

Join us to consider together how radical selfless love should find active expression in our own apparently ordinary contexts – work, family, community – and to wonder at the loving character of the covenant redeemer God, ever at work in his world and in his people to fulfil his promises and purposes – in Ruth’s challenging times and in ours.

The workshop will be led by Mark Greene, LICC’s Executive Director. There will be a combination of input, interaction, and Q & A. It’s designed not only for church leaders, preachers, and teachers, but for anyone interested in immersing themselves in the text with a desire to allow Lord and Spirit to shape our imaginations, our minds, our hearts, and our hands, for fruitful and faithful mission in our everyday contexts.

Mark Greene, a graduate in Hebrew, spent ten years as an adman and nine years in theological education, and is now the Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. He’s devoted to empowering people to be fruitful for Christ in all of life, and empowering church leaders to help them. His books include Ruth: Drawing on a Deeper Love, the latest in The Gateway Seven Bible study series, Thank God it’s Monday, and Fruitfulness on the Frontline.