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Theology Slam | Live Final


7th March 2019, 7:00pm - 9:00pm


St John's Hoxton, Pitfield Street, London N1 6NP

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If you could have asked Luther a question about his 95 Theses, what would you have asked?

Or do you ever wonder what it would have been like to hear John Wesley’s first talk?

Alas, we cannot offer you a time machine, but what we can offer you is a seat at the Theology Slam 2019 Live Final. (Want to enter for yourself? Check out details here.)

We’ll be joined by some up-and-coming young theologians and communicators as they offer their thoughts on contemporary culture. You never know, you could be listening to the next Paula Gooder or NT Wright.

Topics available for comment include (but are not limited to) theology and Netflix, theology and political tribalism, theology and #MeToo, and theology and the environment.

Not only will you be able to listen to these young theologians offer their thoughts on a hot topic, but you will be able to engage with them in a short Q&A session before the judges offer their own feedback.

Our panel of judges consists of some brilliant Christian theologians and communicators – John Swinton, Eve Poole, Isabelle Hamley, and Mark Greene. They will offer encouragement and constructive criticism before Eve Poole and John Swinton reflect further in their own short talks.

And then, with great aplomb, the winner of Theology Slam 2019 will be crowned.

Miss it, miss out.

‘All of us are theologians. The minute we say something about God, we are speaking theology. Young voices, unheard voices, need to be nurtured in the practice of reflecting on faith and the wider world, and this event will do just that. I encourage applications, and look forward to reading the winning entries.’ – Archbishop Justin Welby

Theology Slam is a collaborative event by LICCChurch TimesSCM Press, and the Community of St Anselm.