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Thriving Through Your Twenties: Secrets From Research


Monday 28 September | 7:00pm

Online Event

Why is it that some young Christians grow in their faith and others walk away from what was once so important to them?

This question has led Ruth Perrin to spend time talking with, listening to, and learning from millennials for over a decade, now published in a landmark study: Changing Shape: The Faith Lives of Millennials.

LICC is pleased to host Ruth Perrin for an evening of lively engagement and conversation around her findings over what makes the difference between surviving and thriving as a Christian young adult. There will be time to share stories, ask questions, and talk with one another as we dive deeper into the questions of resilient and evolving faith for an emerging generation.

This evening event is primarily aimed at young adults interested in a conversation around what makes faith believable, relevant and future-proof. Everyone is welcome to attend however – if you know, love or minister to a young adult, this is a conversation not to be missed.

Dr Ruth Perrin is a research fellow at St John’s College, Durham, and writes extensively on millennial faith. She preaches, trains and encourages Christian ministry to young adults in a variety of national and international contexts.