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Chief Executive

Full-time, Permanent

Five ‘Ifs’ and a ‘But’

If you’re someone with a marrow-deep yearning to see all God’s people discipled for their calling in everyday life…

If you’re in awe at the scope and richness of Christ’s work for the sake of the world…

If you long to see our nation transformed…

If you’re energised by the prospect of leading and shaping a flourishing team…

If you have a strategic eye, a steady hand, and the prayerful heart to take on a people-liberating, once-in-a-generation challenge…

But you know you couldn’t possibly see it happen unless God does amazing things…

Then we would love to hear from you.

No ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’.

Everything we do at LICC is shaped by our calling: to serve Christians out in God’s world and their God-given mission there.

Over the last 16 years we’ve sought to help create a movement that ignites Christians’ and their leaders’ imagination for the scope of the gospel, and catalyses a rich biblical imagination for how God might work through them – right where they are.

By God’s grace, significant progress has been made. Whole-life discipleship for all God’s people is now on the agenda of the UK church. The challenge is to embed it in the church’s DNA for the long term, and make sure it shapes the hearts and minds of individual disciples wherever they find themselves.

And, with Mark Greene eager to focus on championing the mission and developing new resources, we’re looking for a dynamic leader with the character, the skills, and the vision to accelerate the movement’s momentum, deepen our learning, grow our reach, and make the most of this season of great opportunity.

Saxton Bampfylde Ltd is acting as an employment agency advisor to LICC on this appointment. For further information about the role, including details about how to apply, please visit using reference FALAA. Alternatively telephone +44 (0)20 7227 0880 (during office hours).

Applications should be received by noon on Monday 15 June 2020.

LICC Chief Executive Job Description (PDF)

For more information, please read our full role description.