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New Role | Managing Director Organisation

We love to be a catalyst. Over the last decade, we’ve inspired thousands of Christians with a biblically-rooted, Spirit-filled imagination for fruitful living in the whole of life. We’ve encouraged many hundreds of churches to trust that their gathered Sunday life really can empower people to play their full role in God’s rich purposes Monday through Saturday. And we’ve seen the difference God’s people make living out their calling to follow Jesus in their workplaces and schools, streets and clubs, across our nation today. They’ve been exciting and stretching times, and opportunity continues to abound.

To develop the organisation, its sustainable growth and flourishing, we’ve created a new role in the Executive Team – Managing Director (Organisation).  Together with Executive Director, Mark Greene, and Managing Director (Mission), Tracy Cotterell, you will be a vital member of the Executive Team of three who hold responsibility for the development and execution of LICC’s strategy and operations.

The role calls for an exceptional person with skill and experience across a wide waterfront of disciplines. You will exercise leadership in growing income and in the operational management of the organisation – fundraising, facilities, financial management, risk, systems, delivery, reporting and evaluation, and all things people-related.  You will also act as Company Secretary and Secretary to the Board.

The role also calls for a person of character and contagious conviction around LICC’s vision and activities; an advocate who loves to invite others to join in – as team members, as supporters, as torchbearers for the cause.

Our founder, John Stott, was a lifelong bird-watcher. Reflecting on the sustained and joyous song of the lark he recalled the letters to the Ephesians and Colossians. The inevitable consequence of being filled with the Spirit and of having the word of Christ dwell richly within us is that we sing, we make music with gratitude in our hearts to God. It’s this quality in a team member that we’re looking for, too; someone whose thankfulness to God and whose joy in his rich purposes in the whole of life shape their own life and work. Such is the person who will nurture our organisation and inspire sustainable support for the work we’re called to do together.

LICC Managing Director Organisation

Click to download the role description


Don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of the application process.

The closing date for applications is 9am on Tuesday May 8th, 2018.