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Work Forum Director

Full-time, Permanent

£55,000 – £60,000

We’re seeking an inspirational leader with a contagious conviction for LICC’s vision and mission who will expand the impact of LICC’s Work Forum and empower godly, resilient, fruitful worker-disciples.

We love to be a catalyst. Over the last decade, we’ve inspired thousands of Christians with a biblically rooted, Spirit-filled imagination for fruitful living in the whole of life. We’ve encouraged hundreds of churches to trust that their gathered Sunday life really can empower people to play their full role in God’s rich purposes Monday through Saturday. And we’ve seen the difference God’s people make living out their calling to follow Jesus in their workplaces, schools, streets, and clubs, across our nation today.

For this is a new moment.

Not since Wesley has there been such openness in the UK church to the cause of releasing all God’s people into his rich purposes in all areas of their lives. Vitally, this includes life at work which, for many, will be one of their most significant contexts for discipleship and mission.

Over the years we’ve developed a rich range of resources and wisdom to inspire workers to flourish on the frontline with missional purpose.

Now is a time to extend and expand this movement and to empower and envision a new generation of godly, resilient, fruitful worker-disciples.

To lead the Work Forum and oversee its development and flourishing we are seeking an inspirational leader with first-hand ‘lived’ workplace expertise and a contagious conviction for LICC’s vision and mission. The role calls for an exceptional person with a wide range of skills and abilities. You will have the ability to shape a fresh vision for this vital area and develop the plans to deliver it. You will have the charisma and presence to inspire an audience from the platform as well as the ability to engage deeply with individuals in small groups and one-to-one. You will have experience of identifying opportunities and developing the kernel of ideas into flourishing, scalable, and life-giving initiatives.

The role also calls for an advocate who loves to invite others to join in – as team members, as supporters, and as torchbearers for the cause.

The Work Forum Director’s annual salary is budgeted to be in the range of £55,000 to £60,000. The package also includes other benefits.

LICC Work Forum Director Job Description (PDF)

For more information, please read our full role description.


In light of the current context, recruitment timescales are to be determined. Expressions of interest in the role should be directed to Mark Powys-Smith