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Connecting with Culture

Every Friday, our blog reflects on news, trends, innovation, and the arts, looking for what we can learn from, celebrate, and critique in culture and every area of life.


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Start your week right with these short-read bible reflections, direct to your inbox each Monday morning. These come in series of between three and six weeks, are written by our team and other selected authors.


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For supporters of LICC who would like to know what and how to pray for the various streams of work we do.


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Pray through a discipleship theme for forty days with prayer prompts direct to your inbox, or via plans on the YouVersion Bible App. Find out all about these journeys here and how you could do these on your own, commit to them with others, or with your whole church.

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Books to equip and inspire you on your frontline

Connecting with Culture on multiple screens

Connecting with Culture

Our blog reflecting on weekly news, trends, innovation, and the arts