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The One About...

A beautifully illustrated collection of eight true stories about God working through people in their everyday lives.

There is no such thing as an ordinary day for a Christian.

With Christ, every day, every task, every relationship brims with divine possibility. God is always at work in our lives. But can we see it?

In this inspiring collection of true stories, Mark Greene offers us a window into the rich, varied, and sometimes surprising ways God works in our everyday lives.

Warm and astute, these portraits of people in various settings – student, hairdresser, policeman, mum, retiree, trainer, banker – are made all the more compelling by the connections Mark makes with the Bible, illuminating the stories and bringing fresh insight into the implications of the biblical texts.

Read the stories by yourself, discuss their questions in a group, or use the guidelines to write your own. This book helps open our eyes to how God has been working in our lives, helps us read our experience through biblical lenses, and encourages us to tell other people about the wondrous things God has done in and through us. One story will no doubt lead to many more… and to God’s glory may it be.

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