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LICC Christmas Cards Pack 2018

Send a card that reflects the promise and hope of Christmas for your family, friends, and colleagues.

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This year’s design features a poem by Mark Greene inspired by Luke 2:22-39: Simeon’s blessing upon baby Jesus at his presentation at the temple, and Grete Bauder’s line drawing, inspired by Picasso’s Dove of Peace.

Each pack contains 6 Christmas cards with envelopes and space to write a special message to family and friends.

Of a morning
The ancient breeze would unfurl,
Gentle on the old man.
Together they would go
To the place of promise.

On this day,
The breeze,
A herald of fresh rain,
Nipped his heels and scurried him on…

A man, a pair of pigeons, a woman,
And a baby.

Promise soared,
A branch of olive in his lips:

‘At last, here is
Word of my word,
Breath of my breath,
Life of my life.’

And breeze and breath whispered back:
‘This is he, this is he.’

Excerpt from Simeon, by Mark Greene

© Mark Greene

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