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God with Us | Christmas Card Pack

Send a Christmas card that communicates the true meaning of the season to your family, friends and community.

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Our 2017 design features a poem by Mark Greene that simply and compellingly invites the reader to consider the Jesus of Christmas in a fresh way.

Each pack contains 6 Christmas cards with envelopes and space to write a special message to family and friends.

‘Of all the impossible things you ask me to conceive,
Which one’, you wonder, ‘do I find most difficult to believe?’
That a child might be born without paternal seed?
That God would lie in a trough where animals feed?
That a billion-year-old star should time its flight
To point so small a band to the royal light?
That winged angels sing impossible news for all the earth
To nobody-nightworkers on nowhere turf?

Or this:

That God, creator of time and space,
Mediterranean azure, and gazelle grace,
That God, immortal, should come down in mortal flesh,
God with us, in all our human mess?
God with us? In bomb blast? And first breath?
And some slow dimming towards a memoryless death?
God with us? In the crushed commute, and the lonely bed?
In the sleep, wake, eat, work of our daily tread?
In our petty snipes and bloated ambitions?
In all the twists of our confused decisions?

God with us in all of that? God with me in all of me?
No, that I could not believe, if, with outstretched heart, he
Had not given free his blood and life on that barren tree,
And, with love and mercy, tender, wiped my eyes so I do see.

A Series of Impossible Events, by Mark Greene

© Mark Greene

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