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Transforming Work

An innovative multi-media resource for Christians offering a dynamic journey towards greater impact at work.


Transforming Work – a distinctive resource with the potential for long-term impact on participants and the people and organisations they work for.

This is a journey through eight distinctive sessions for Christians who want to make a greater difference at work. Stimulating content, lively conversation, new skills and the time to reflect, pray, and try things out between sessions create an experience that will change the way you work. This Leader’s Pack provides everything needed to start and run a group, including a DVD with over 2½ hours of teaching, stories and interviews. Participants’ material is provided through the downloadable Transforming Work App (a free web version of this is also available). Watch or read more about Transforming Work.

Transforming Work Promo from LICC on Vimeo.

  1. ‘Transforming Work has had an amazingly fruitful impact on all those who have done it, and has had a genuinely transformative impact on my ministry to the working people in our church.’

  2. ‘Having spent 15+ years in corporate leadership roles in London and Edinburgh, I would have loved something like this when I was starting out’

  3. ‘Transforming Work has completely changed my perspective on how God views my work and given me a fresh understanding of why it is important to him’

  4. ‘It’s given me a clear awareness of where God is, and has been, at work in my work.’

  5. ‘Now, instead of moaning about writing my reports, I see it as an opportunity to pray individually for every child, in all the circumstances of their lives.’

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