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  • 8th November 2019

    Once Upon a Time… | Jonah (1/3)

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  • 17th October 2019

    The Footsteps We Follow | 1 Peter (1/3)

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  • 5th September 2019

    The Lord Who Remembers | Exodus (1/6)

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  • 2nd August 2019

    Truth in Turmoil | Jude (1/5)

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  • 29th July 2019

    Security Blanket | Word for the Week

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  • 18th July 2019

    Do You Remember…? | Word for the Week

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  • 12th July 2019

    Who Can Help Me? | Word for the Week

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  • 21st June 2019

    Mystery and Blessing | Parables (1/3)

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  • 30th May 2019

    Mental Health: Insight to Love Well | Dr Nick Land

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  • 24th May 2019

    Resurrection Power | Reflections on Pentecost (1/4)

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  • 3rd May 2019

    Beginning in the Right Place | Psalm 8 (1/3)

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  • 26th March 2019

    #TheologySlam 2019 | Final

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  • 11th March 2019

    Acquainted with Grief | Lamentations (1/6)

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  • 29th January 2019

    Wisdom for Life | Wisdom Series (1/3)

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  • 22nd January 2019

    Tightrope Walking | Psalm 1 (1/3)

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  • 16th January 2019

    Blinded by Darkness? | 1 John (1/5)

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  • 24th October 2018

    Power and Wealth Corrupt | Esther 1/7

    The king gave a banquet lasting seven days. […] The garden had hangings of linen,...

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  • 29th August 2018

    A Favoured People | Echoes of Blessing 1/6

    The LORD said to Moses, ‘Tell Aaron and his sons, “This is how you are...

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  • 12th June 2018

    Nicodemus | Encounters with Jesus 1/6

    Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of the...

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  • 9th May 2018

    Preaching in Context

    Ever had one of those moments when someone thanks you for saying something in a...

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  • 2nd May 2018

    An Encounter | Tales of the Unexpected 1/3

    One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret, the people were crowding...

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  • 13th April 2018

    Presence | Wilderness Wanderings 1/6

    After leaving Sukkoth they camped at Etham on the edge of the desert. By day...

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  • 28th March 2018

    A Good Friday Poem by Mark Greene

    The Mirror Three ‘t’s on the scrubby hill, neatly crossed the Roman way, The naked...

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  • 14th March 2018

    Preaching by Listening to Paul

    Paul’s letters unfold to congregations the significance of the good news of what God has...

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  • 9th February 2018

    Boaz: The Whole-Life Disciple in Action

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  • 9th February 2018

    Preaching to Disciples

    Whether as preachers or listeners, we come to the Bible as disciples of Jesus. This...

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  • 2nd February 2018

    To Stand in Freedom | Resolved 1/3

    It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do...

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  • 24th January 2018

    Preaching the Word of God

    In some churches, the reading of the Bible ends with the statement, ‘This is the...

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  • 8th November 2017

    Who’s in Charge around Here? | Revelation 1/4

    John, To the seven churches in the province of Asia: Grace and peace to you...

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  • 26th October 2017

    Life on Mission | Long Read

    As a young Christian lad, it was easy to be inspired by stories of William...

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  • 2nd October 2017

    Fruitfulness in Scripture | Long Read

    If you were asked what the Bible says about fruitfulness, some key passages might well...

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  • 16th September 2017

    Being Faithful, Bearing Fruit | Long Read

    ‘Without doubt’, according to Bishop J.B. Lightfoot, ‘Colossae was the least important church to which...

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  • 11th September 2017

    Words to the Wise | The God who Befriends 1/6

    This is part one of our six-part study series on Friendship: ‘The God who Befriends’....

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  • 31st August 2017

    Living with Purpose

    The tide has turned. Or so many now think. Times have changed. Christians are feeling...

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  • 10th August 2017

    Wisdom for Life | Long Read

    ‘Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have...

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  • 7th July 2017

    Looking Back, Looking Ahead | Shaped by the Story 1/8

    This is part one of our eight-part study series about the story of Scripture. Written...

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  • 23rd June 2017

    Deferred but not Disappointed | Hope Deferred 1/6

    This is part one of our six-part study series on Hope Deferred. Originally written for...

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  • 28th April 2017

    The Helping Hand of Grace | Connecting with Culture

    It’s annual World Snooker Championship time again. Years ago I used to play in two...

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  • 24th April 2017

    Transforming the Worshipping Church

    Sam and Sara Hargreaves, co-authors of Whole Life Worship and leaders of, explain why they’re...

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  • 20th April 2017

    Lessons from Dystopia | Connecting with Culture

    The Handmaid's Tale is a tale for our time. Margaret Atwood's popular dystopian novel begins...

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  • 14th April 2017

    A Display of Power | Connecting with Culture

    A man with a bloodied face being dragged off a plane against his will. Bombs...

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  • 7th April 2017

    The Benefits of the Unseen | Connecting with Culture

    The Brexit negotiations are causing lots of anxiety about Britain's future - about what kind...

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  • 5th April 2017

    Whole Life Worshippers | Long Read

    Mark Greene on the power and potential of our gathered worship. 8 minute read. Growing...

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  • houses of parliament with daffodils in the foreground
    30th March 2017

    Beauty in Brokenness | Connecting with Culture

    After a tragedy strikes we often remember where we were when we heard the news....

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  • 29th March 2017

    John Risbridger on Whole Life Worship

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  • 6th March 2017

    Bible through Workers’ Eyes

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  • 4th March 2017

    “‘The Bible tells us the way God’s world really is. And it does so for the whole of life’ – Antony Billington”

    'The Bible tells us the way God’s world really is. And it does so for...

  • 3rd March 2017

    Light on the Gospel | Long Read

    At a time of ongoing discussions on the nature of the gospel, Antony Billington, LICC’s...

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  • 3rd March 2017

    Whole-Life Gospel

    Many religions begin by telling people what they should do; Christianity begins with what God...

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  • 3rd March 2017

    A Preposterous Command | Love Commandments Part 1/5

    The ability to love and be loved is a gift from the hand of our...

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  • 3rd March 2017

    Wrestling with God | Habakkuk Series Part 1/6

    This is part one of our study series on Habakkuk. What does the Bible tell...

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  • 3rd March 2017

    Bible | The Whole Story

    How we approach something depends, to a large extent, on what it is. We wouldn’t...

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  • 28th February 2017

    Work: The Bigger Picture

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  • 28th February 2017

    What is Life on the Frontline?

    Meet Anne. Anne always thinks of herself as fairly ordinary. An ordinary, single, middle-aged mum,...

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  • 27th February 2017

    Faith at Work | Invite a Speaker

    Most people’s jobs involve a certain amount of skill and expertise, so it’s not unusual...

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  • 27th February 2017

    Seeing God at Work

    Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I don’t work for the church and I’m not...

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  • 27th February 2017

    Top 6 Books about Faith at Work

    1. Workplace Grace by Bill Peel and Walt Larrimore This is one of the best...

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  • 27th February 2017

    Discover a Richer Way of Working

    'Beer', Benjamin Franklin once declared, 'is proof that God loves us.' Coffee, apparently, is proof...

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  • 27th February 2017

    Are you Sitting Uncomfortably?

    I’ll never forget my university admissions interview. I applied to read English and was asked...

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  • 27th February 2017

    LICC Resources for Churches

    Here’s a handy guide to some key resources to help your church and inspire your...

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  • 10th February 2017

    Fake News: Countering the Culture of Deception | Connecting with Culture

    ‘Fake news’ has received much media attention lately. The spread of disinformation, propaganda, and fabrication...

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  • 3rd February 2017

    Are You Still Watching? | Connecting with Culture

    Picture the scene: sofa, laptop, snacks. Netflix has been streaming your favourite show non-stop for...

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  • 27th January 2017

    Living in a Pressure Cooker | Connecting with Culture

    Many of you will have heard of (or seen by now) La La Land –...

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  • 20th January 2017

    Faith in Politics? | Connecting with Culture

    It’s been quite the week in politics. The Prime Minister’s Brexit speech, a Northern Ireland...

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  • 13th January 2017

    Are You Suffering from Progress Fatigue

    New improved recipe! Fourteen updates need your approval! Upgrade your phone now! Why can’t they...

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  • 6th January 2017

    Silence and Weakness

    Note: this post contains spoilers For a film that is so visually beautiful and rich...

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  • 9th December 2016

    One December Day

    Political turmoil, celebrity scandal, shock-resignation… no, it’s not my review of 2016, but a snapshot...

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  • 18th November 2016

    A Holy and a Broken Hallelujah

    'Things are going to slide, slide in all directions. Won’t be nothing, Nothing you can...

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  • 11th November 2016

    Is God Fazed? | Connecting with Culture

    It’s been said that this week’s election victory by Trump is the USA’s Brexit. Back...

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  • 23rd September 2016

    Paws for Thought | Connecting with Culture

    Let me level with you: I’m a dog person. In the age-old dog/cat debate, I...

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  • 26th August 2016

    Get up and Keep Running | Connecting with Culture

    The 2016 Rio Olympics closed on Sunday, bringing to an end our best national performance...

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  • 10th June 2016

    The Queen and the Kingdom of Kindness

    You can tell what’s important to people by what they praise. The Queen is no...

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  • 25th March 2016

    Tell me… do you bleed?

    Can it really be that one who is all powerful could also be all benevolent?...

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  • 22nd January 2016

    Must Cecil Rhodes fall? | Connecting with Culture

    A number of years ago, a Liverpool councillor suggested renaming some of the city’s streets...

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  • 8th January 2016

    Connecting with Culture, Connecting with People

    What dominated your conversations with friends and colleagues in 2015? The terror attacks in Paris...

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