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  • 9th February 2018

    Preaching to Disciples

    Whether as preachers or listeners, we come to the Bible as disciples of Jesus. This...

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  • 24th January 2018

    Preaching the Word of God

    In some churches, the reading of the Bible ends with the statement, ‘This is the...

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  • 9th October 2017

    Episode 1 | Whole Life Preaching

    Why Does it Matter? In episode 1, Antony and Neil explore the power of whole-life...

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  • 9th October 2017

    Preaching Pack and Studies | 1 Thessalonians

    Holiness and Hope in a Hostile World 1 Thessalonians Preaching Pack 1 Thessalonians Bible Studies Is...

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  • 9th October 2017

    Whole Life Preaching

    A brand new six-part video series on the power of preaching for everyday life It’s...

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  • 24th September 2017

    Stuart Townend on Whole Life Worship

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  • 17th September 2017

    Whole Life Worship Prayer Journey

    We know that worship is more than music: it’s a response to the love and...

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  • 21st August 2017

    Amanda’s Story | Ambassadors 2020

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  • 5th May 2017

    Surviving or Thriving? | Connecting with Culture

    Before Theresa May announced the snap election, the UK news cycle was dominated by Prince...

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  • 24th April 2017

    Transforming the Worshipping Church

    Sam and Sara Hargreaves, co-authors of Whole Life Worship and leaders of, explain why they’re...

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  • 5th April 2017

    Whole Life Worshippers | Long Read

    Mark Greene on the power and potential of our gathered worship. 8 minute read. Growing...

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  • 29th March 2017

    John Risbridger on Whole Life Worship

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