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  • 1st April 2019

    Growing Up is Hard to Do

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  • 16th April 2018

    Emilia’s Story

    ‘If you’re a Christian you’re not going to lie to me, you’re not going to...

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  • 20th September 2017

    Doing Business with God

    ‘The more I prayed about it, the more I felt that God was calling me...

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  • 8th August 2017

    Flourishing or Floundering? | Tonye’s story

    What does servant leadership look like in a world that sees service as weak? That’s...

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  • 12th July 2017

    A Work in Progress

    ‘I’m so sorry you’re bleeding!’ These are some of the first words of my interview...

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  • 12th June 2017

    My Job, God’s Work

    ‘What motivates you to come to work every day?’ That was the question a colleague...

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  • 28th February 2017

    God at Work… in a Doctor’s Surgery

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  • 28th February 2017

    God at Work… in a Coastal Construction Project

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  • 28th February 2017

    Work: The Bigger Picture

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  • 27th February 2017

    5 Great Things to Help You Thrive at the Start of Working Life

    Few things can feel as lonely, tiring or terrifying as starting out in your working...

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  • 27th February 2017

    Lost in Transition? Preparing to Start Work

    Have you noticed how much chat there is about ‘transition’ these days? Be it forced...

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