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The Wise Man of Wycombe | Christmas Appeal

A December text: ‘Thanks for your help. Have a very Merry Christmas’. A common enough message perhaps – but not from a debtor to a bailiff.

Graham’s debts had spiralled out of control. He’d counted 246 letters demanding payment. Then came a knock on his Wycombe door.

It was the bailiff. Ron. Ron’s client had instructed him to demand full and immediate payment from Graham. But, as a follower of Jesus, Ron sought to be both wise and gracious in his work: good service for creditors, hope for debtors. That morning, as most mornings, Ron stopped in at McDonalds to prayerfully reflect on God’s word. What would he do?

Ron phoned his client, clarifying what Graham could actually afford to pay. It wasn’t an easy conversation, but he was able to go back to Graham with a gift of gold – an £18,000 reduction.

Come 24th December, the client had received the money, Graham cleared his debt, and Ron had a very Merry Christmas.

At LICC, we love stories like that: God working through his people out in his world. And we know one of the main ways God’s people develop a fresh imagination for their everyday frontlines is by gaining fresh insight into the richness of God’s word.

With that in mind, we’ve just published the first in the new Gateway Seven series of Bible studies – Proverbs by Antony Billington. The series aims to help us see the implications of the word for all of life and to grow deeper in our appreciation of seven of the Bible’s different genres of writing – wisdom, law, prophecy, narrative, Gospel...

This Christmas, would you help us with a gift to launch the rest of the series? Exodus and I Peter this year. Ruth, Ezekiel, Mark, Revelation to follow. We need £11,000 to complete the project. You can help by making a one-off gift of any amount, by phone, or online by clicking below, or do consider setting up a monthly gift towards LICC’s growing mission.


The grace and wisdom of Christ to you this season,
and through you, to those he brings your way.


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