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Equipping Christians for the Workplace

Where do the people in your church engage with the world each day?

Where has God placed them to be salt and light? Many go to work, where there’s lots of opportunity but it’s often a tough place to be a Christian. So how well are we equipping them to make a difference there?

We want to help Christians to be intentional, discerning and confident in their daily work.

Offering a compelling vision and a theology of work that gets to grips with the opportunities and challenges they face there is a great place to start. But we also need to sustain work as part of the normal rhythms of gathered church life, and equip people to connect with God in word and prayer.

To help your church to do this well, we’ve pulled together a set of resources in each of these areas that you can access via the web links on these pages:

  • Resources for Session One
  • What sort of wisdom does the Bible offer for working people?

    Pastoral practices to help you engage well with working people

    Keeping work visible in the rhythms of church life

  • Resources for Session Two
  • Praying for our work: interceding and listening

    Reading the Bible through workers’ eyes