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The Imagine Team at Your Service

The Imagine Church stream of LICC’s work is named after the essay that launched it over a decade ago. The essay concluded,

“The UK will never be reached until we create open, authentic, learning and praying communities that are focused on making whole-life disciples who live and share the Gospel wherever they relate to people in their daily lives.”

We’ve been working on this ever since. Here are three ways you can join in.


How can we make whole-life disciplemaking central and effective in our churches?

  • Dive into Imagine Church on shop. This book doesn’t offer quick fixes; it offers new hope and a compelling vision of how small changes can change everything.
  • Read and discuss the booklet Leading a Whole-Life Disciplemaking Church. It will clarify why refocusing discipleship matters for your team, and help them see how they can make it happen.
  • Explore more resources for your church in our shop.


Why not attend or host an Imagine Church Training Day facilitated by LICC?

This one day workshop will help you cast vision and identify ‘first steps’ on how to create a whole-life disciplemaking culture in your church. It’s a great team experience and we offer single topic workshops if that works better for you.


We’d love to help you set up and lead a one-year ‘learning hub’ in your area or network.

We run them over 12 months and they’re designed to help those with ministry responsibilities in churches (paid and voluntary) understand how to shape key aspects of church life with everyday ‘frontlines’ in mind.

Offering friendship and accountability as well as challenge and support, the hub sessions cover key cultural drivers – preaching, worship, small groups, mission, and equipping disciples in the workplace.

“I have been inspired and encouraged through my association with LICC and the Imagine Project for a number of years. It would not be an overstatement to say that, under God, the churches which I have pastored have grown spiritually and numerically at least in part as a consequence!” Clive, Senior Pastor, Plymouth

Have questions? Or think we could help? Get in touch. We’d love to talk.

The Imagine Team: Neil Hudson, Stefan McNally, Steve Rouse, Andrew Belfield, and David Lawrence.