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The Vision

Home. School. Work. Make a difference wherever you are.

With Christ, there is no ordinary. With Christ, every encounter, every task, every situation brims with divine possibility.

We have a dream that every Christian would go out into their bit of God’s world confident that God can work through them, confident that Jesus is good news for the people they meet, good news for the things they do, good news for the organisations they engage in.

And of course opportunities abound. 98% of Christians spend 95% of their waking lives ‘on the frontline’ – in shops and schools and shelters, in homes and offices and gyms.

At LICC we’re committed to:

  • Empowering Christians to make a difference for Christ in our Monday to Saturday lives
  • Helping church leaders equip their church communities to do it, and
  • Fuelling a movement to reach and renew our nation

Take a minute to see what’s on our heart.

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