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What is Life on the Frontline?

Meet Anne.

Anne always thinks of herself as fairly ordinary.

An ordinary, single, middle-aged mum, with an ordinary, tiring job. She navigates through the ordinary dramas of life, but at the end of the day, she just gets on with it; nothing to shout about, nothing to write home about.

At least, that’s what she feels…

Life on the Frontline offers six sessions, each with a short film, biblical reflections, real stories and interactive exercises – to help small groups explore together Christ’s call and commission for the whole of life.

This creative and practical small group resource is a six-session DVD series for small groups seeking to help one another live fruitfully and faithfully for Christ in the daily places of life and work. Each session has a short film, discussion material, Bible reflections and stories illustrating how the principles have been worked out in real life. The sessions are:

Session 1: The Frontline Call – What is my Frontline and why does it matter?

Session 2: The Frontline Commission – What happens when life on our Frontline feels difficult?

Session 3: The Frontline Community – How do all our various church activities equip us for our lives when we are apart?

Session 4: The Frontline Concern – How do you know what to do on your Frontline?

Session 5: The Frontline Cry – How does our Frontline shape our prayers?

Session 6: The Frontline Commitment – How can we sustain our commitment to one another on the Frontline?

Leaders Guide

This is the Leader's Guide for the series, ideal for planning and leading each week....


Participants Guide

Each participant can use one of these. A great accompaniment to the series.