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Workplace Groups

Transforming Work | Workplace Groups

Christian Identity

Relationships at Work

Looking for resources to equip your workplace group? We’ve got just what you need.

Meeting together with other Christians in your workplace can be an amazing source of encouragement and a great motivator.

Our resources are designed specifically with workplace groups in mind, and enable you and your colleagues to explore the challenges and opportunities you face in your organisations. They combine biblical teaching, wisdom from experienced practitioners, discussions pointers, and time to pray – all in just half an hour!

Download these resources for free below.


Transforming Work for Workplace Groups

Why does our work matter to God? And how can we influence our workplace culture, build strong relationships, talk about faith and bring real, tangible improvements to our places of work? Discover a richer way of working with our popular Transforming Work resource specifically for workplace groups.

Christian Identity

Who we are shapes how we work. So how should our God-given identity influence our beliefs and behaviour at work? This four-part Bible study and group discussion series from LICC Associate Speaker Paul Valler explores how Christian ideas of value, community, authenticity, and resilience can give us a fresh perspective on the way we work.

Relationships at Work

How can we make the most of our working relationships? What happens when they don’t work? Our relationships with our colleagues can present us with some of the best opportunities and most difficult challenges at work. This seven-part Bible study and group discussion series from LICC Associate Speaker Paul Valler explores how to deal with the challenges and make the most of the opportunities.


TransformWorkUK can provide some great advice about starting and growing your workplace group, or if you’re looking for a speaker for a special event, do get in touch with us.


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