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Sunday Worship. Monday Life.

Sunday by Sunday we gather. The ‘retired-busy’ crowd, the ‘living-life-to-the-full crowd’, the ‘uncertain-in-faith’ crowd, the ‘juggling-work-and-family’ crowd, we all come together in worship, expressing our unity in Christ and our deepest desires to follow him in every area of our lives day by day.

So how can our worship on Sunday empower us for the lives we long to live for Christ out in the world, Monday to Saturday?

A new set of resources – Whole Life Worship

Whole Life Worship is a set of four resources created in partnership with Sam and Sara Hargreaves, directors of Engage Worship, designed to help leaders of Sunday services connect Sunday worship with Monday life. All four are accessible individually and yet work powerfully together to inspire leaders and their congregations with a fresh, creative experience of worship for all of life.

  • Whole Life Worship – this innovative book not only makes a passionate case for worship services that engage with people’s Monday to Saturday lives but offers the biblical foundations, the practical frameworks, and a wealth of usable examples to fire the imagination of church and worship leaders, whatever your tradition or stream. Whole Life Worship Book.
  • Whole Life Worship: The Journey Pack – brimming with creative ideas and fresh approaches, this highly flexible journey pack can be used in two main ways: either to create an integrated set of five complete services that can be adapted to any tradition or as a treasure chest of ideas for worship that empowers people for all of life. Whole Life Worship Journey Pack Includes a USB pen with:
    • 5 animated films
    • PowerPoints
    • Prayers
    • Responses
    • Song Lyrics
    • Sermon outlines
    • And more…
  • Whole Life Worship Study Guide – five Bible studies for small groups available free on the USB pen above or on the Small Group Films and Downloads Page here on our website. Print copies of the Small Group Study Guide can be purchased if preferred.
  • Whole Life Worship Training Days – regional workshops led by Sam and Sara Hargreaves and designed for worship teams and service leaders wanting to explore these ideas and resources further. Visit the Engage Worship site for details and to book.

Why not pay a visit to our online shop now for more details and to get hold of a special value bundle of Book and Journey Pack?

For more inspiration, take a look at the five animated films. Or browse the articles and interviews we’ve created to stimulate our worship together on Sunday and help us offer our everyday lives in worship to God through the rest of the week.